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Oh no its Raining Again


My new Home for Janseyeview

Hello and Welcome to my new home

I’ve moved over to wordpress to separate myself from George’s Blog and find my own bit of web space.

I’ve thought long and hard if I should start another blog, you know what its like its a good idea at the time, you start to post most days then you run out of steam don’t blog for a while them stop all together. I know only to well the time involved with George’s blog (which I love doing) and won’t be stopping any time soon.

Two things I will be doing different, this blog is pure indulgence its about me, I’m not out to get followers but  if you’d like to follow then great thanks.

You don’t have to comment, just, look, read and I hope you enjoy. If you feel the need to comment then I will reply on the blog. 

Where to start, photos thats a good place, if you have followed me from Blogger then thanks, the idea behind that blog was to put up photos that I had taken and liked, but this blog will have other things thrown in the mix.

I hope it won’t be long before I get my head around the wordpress dashboard!! and add a personal touch to the blog 

Jan x