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Tones of Grey!!Why

My new project is going to be Black & White photography! no I’m not going through a depressed time at the moment, this I think will help me find my artistic, story telling side to grow.

I’ve been looking at YouTube Videos “How to see in Black and white” it really does make you focus on the subject, what will make a good image. Yes you can make it easy by changing the setting to monochrome on your camera, but it makes for a very flat image as there won’t be the many tones of grey needed to make an dramatic image.

I’ve not been one to use in camera RAW, my take on it depends what you want to do with your photos, I’ve always been happy to shoot JPEG, let the camera make the photo.

Since selling all my Canon gear and going over to Olympus Mirrorless, the weight difference was one of the factors but the JPEGS from the cameras are outstanding.

Having said that today I changed the camera to RAW+JPEG best of both worlds, shot all the photos in colour, you need to do this so the camera takes in the colour information that’s where the tones of grey can then be brought out in the RAW file.

First a full colour photo, this image is straight out of the camera I only cropped it.



Colours are good, it’s an OK photo of Attingham Park the house front

Now compere to the Black & White image.




Everyone has their own interpretation of all things

I see the lady walking her dog, shame she didn’t have a black dog but you can make out the dog more on the B&W image, look at the tones on the windows, shapes, contrast the clouds show up more.

The full set of images in B&W are on my Flickr page-

Tones of Grey (1)

Thanks for passing by




Where does the time go

I have no idea, maybe the older you get the memory starts to go, I do believe this can sometimes be a learnt behavor forgetting the art of listening, taking in all the information when people talk to you and not turning off.  Turning one’s mind off is the learnt behavor.  Is that why time disappears?

You do the same old same old each day or you get so overwhelmed with what live throws at you it’s a safety mechanism that kicks in.

Why have I started the blog back up, not sure, don’t know how long I will keep it up. Over four years is a longtime!! but I find myself back here ready to focus more on my photography and feel this is the best place.

I need focus,sorry for the pun focus to do some photography projects, be it landscape, macro, street, still undecided so this blog will be a good way of documenting my journey and hopefully find my style.




Moving on

Over the last five weeks I have been helping Mom and my step Dad Henry to move home. Time to say goodbye to an area of beauty and the right to walk the many fields. It was a joy to be there when the sun was shining but bleak in the winter.


The view from the kitchen window


We will be back at some point to walk The Stiperstones  with our two dogs, but won’t be able to walk up from Henry’s fields.

Happy New Year lets see what 2013 brings.

Jan x

Should I, Shouldn’t I, a weekend visit To Cardiff

The dilemma was should I take my SLR or not.

A while back I had made arrangements to visit a friend. Angelia and her husband Chris, for a long weekend.

I was going back to a place I know well Cardiff; we lived there for 10 years our son Simon was born there. It was a first for me as I was going on the train, so travelling light was a must.

Having sorted the clothes to take and some must have’s, tooth brush, deodorant and slippers.

(I love my slippers) I was surprised that there was room left in this small piece of luggage called a rucksack to get the camera bag in!

So the SLR came with me. It’s a heavy thing to carry but I’m pleased it was with me.

Thanks Chris for the boat ride around Cardiff Bay.


Thanks Angela and Chris, hope its not to long till we see each other again

Jan x

My new Home for Janseyeview

Hello and Welcome to my new home

I’ve moved over to wordpress to separate myself from George’s Blog and find my own bit of web space.

I’ve thought long and hard if I should start another blog, you know what its like its a good idea at the time, you start to post most days then you run out of steam don’t blog for a while them stop all together. I know only to well the time involved with George’s blog (which I love doing) and won’t be stopping any time soon.

Two things I will be doing different, this blog is pure indulgence its about me, I’m not out to get followers but  if you’d like to follow then great thanks.

You don’t have to comment, just, look, read and I hope you enjoy. If you feel the need to comment then I will reply on the blog. 

Where to start, photos thats a good place, if you have followed me from Blogger then thanks, the idea behind that blog was to put up photos that I had taken and liked, but this blog will have other things thrown in the mix.

I hope it won’t be long before I get my head around the wordpress dashboard!! and add a personal touch to the blog 

Jan x