Just Me and My Camera and Other Things Thrown in the Mix

About Me

Hi I’m Jan and welcome to my blog.

Its mostly about the photos and other things thrown in the mix

I have always enjoyed taking photos, and a digital camera makes it much cheaper than the old film. I was very lucky to get a job which I love, on my first day I was told that one of my jobs would be to look after the camera’s and take photo’s when needed. “There’s the instruction book so have a practise, you’ll soon pick it up”, they said.

I hasten to add these were SLR cameras, having never picked one up in my life they seemed heavy, and reading the instruction book just went over my head. The auto setting was very good, and got me though the next 9 months! It was July time 2009 when my friend sent me a thank you card with a photo on the front that she had taken. She has always taken nice photos, and this was a close up of a flower. It was the week before we were to go on holiday, so armed with my point and shoot, and with some enthusiasm, I went about taking photo’s which are the first one’s on the blog, I was quite pleased with the results, and on returning to work, I started learning how to use the SLR’s

Where I work they like you to broaden you mind and do courses. It just so happened that there was a City in Guilds Level 1 in Photo Image Capture and Digital Image Manipulation that I could go on. It came as quite a shock when I was graded with a distinction on both parts. So I sort of know how to take photo’s on manual. Its a long learning curve and by me having this blog hopefully you will see my photo’s improve.
I find it a very personal thing taking photos. What one person likes another may just pass it by. So this blog has pictures  that I have taken and for one reason or another enjoy looking at.


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