Just Me and My Camera and Other Things Thrown in the Mix

Where does the time go

I have no idea, maybe the older you get the memory starts to go, I do believe this can sometimes be a learnt behavor forgetting the art of listening, taking in all the information when people talk to you and not turning off.  Turning one’s mind off is the learnt behavor.  Is that why time disappears?

You do the same old same old each day or you get so overwhelmed with what live throws at you it’s a safety mechanism that kicks in.

Why have I started the blog back up, not sure, don’t know how long I will keep it up. Over four years is a longtime!! but I find myself back here ready to focus more on my photography and feel this is the best place.

I need focus,sorry for the pun focus to do some photography projects, be it landscape, macro, street, still undecided so this blog will be a good way of documenting my journey and hopefully find my style.





One response

  1. 1secondhandrose

    Good on yer Jan!
    Know where you are coming from, as you know l have had issues and haven’t blogged for a couple of years…hoping to get my head around it soon.
    Look forward to seeing your fab photos.
    Love Rose H xx

    February 12, 2017 at 1:57 pm

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